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Give your patient's their
lives back!

This revolutionary new Drop Foot AFO has made all other solutions obsolete. Become the go-to Drop Foot Clinic in your area.
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If you see only one drop foot Drop Foot patient this year, having the Fit Kit in your clinic will change their life, will provide an incredible revenue stream and will start on you the path of becoming the go to Drop Foot clinic in your area! 
If you aren’t offering the Xtern to your patients - you simply are not providing the best available solutions.

This is the first and only high quality brace that attaches to the outside of your patient’s shoe - meaning nothing goes inside the shoe and no skin contact with the foot or ankle.

Flexible and durable for optimal dorsiflexion, lightweight, and easy to attach and transfer to nearly every shoe on the market, in 5 seconds!

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See how this Drop Foot AFO is changing lives!
Give Your Patient's Their Life Back!
The Turbomed XTERN AFO is a game changing solution for people who are affected by foot drop.

This brace allows for running, walking, hiking in the mountains - as far and as long as you want to go - without any discomforts. It has been tested in many conditions including: marathons, triathlons, endurance activities and adventures in the wild backcountry.

The device controls foot drop and allows easy plantarflexion in order to keep maximum ankle range of motion and calf muscle strength.

It attaches totally outside the shoe to maximize comfort and prevent skin breakdown or rubbing injurings to the foot.

100% Transferable
to footwear with laces or straps

The XTERN FIT KIT is an XTERN Adjustable FIT Brace for clinical evaluation.
It will allows your patients to "Try It Now” and discover the ultimate comfort of XTERN foot drop brace.

Symmetrical design of the XTERN will fit Right & Left and can be adjusted on any shoe size in 1 minute.
The XTERN Fit Kit offers same dorsiflexion and mechanical efficiency as the final XTERN AFO. Its dynamic dorsiflexion assistance will provide an incomparable fluid and natural walking gait pattern.
Suitable from 2.5 US --> 16 US shoe size.

Demo Kit includes:
3 braces
-  Large
-  Medium
-  Small
Shoe Clips
Zip Ties
Allen Key
Fitting Instructions

Maximizing funcionality & comfort
For active individuals or athletes that have been stricken with drop foot - hopeless to never run again.

​​​​​​​The XTERN can help!​​​​​​​
For gait and balance issues that keep a patient from walking properly. For patients who trip over themselves simply trying to walk.
The XTERN can help!
For those who fear losing their job because drop foot makes it difficult to do their work.

​​​​​The XTERN can help!​​​​​​​
I did the plastic one for 6 months and I lost muscle, got the worst blisters on my foot, couldn’t find appropriate shoes and avoided walking and wearing it at all costs. 

The XTERN is 100% the best thing that happened to me- even if I do get out of this brace eventually. I can walk, I can play with my dogs, I WANT to exercise, I can wear weather appropriate shoes, even if it’s temporary the XTERN will change your life
Hannah Carlson

On the job site with my XTERN on my right foot. Walking on uneven ground, rebar, broken tiles, mud, broken concrete and bad landscaping. I've been in the trades for over 20 years, my first back surgery was in 2005.

I only found out about this product for drop foot two weeks ago!! I've never felt so stable and confident walking on job sites. Thank you again Kevin B. Rosenbloom. Thank you XTERN!!!

Cesar Perez
After one week I can say they have made a great improvement on the way I walk, it’s nice to be able to walk with your head up instead of watching the ground.

It seems like my ankle is more stable as well on uneven ground...they are comfortable to wear, easy to put on and off, and I have no blisters or bruises or rub marks.

Ron Finucane
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and begin changing lives now!

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